REGISTRATION IS SOLD OUT but you can email to be added to the waiting list.


Registration will open on Friday 10/28/22 for invite only early bird registration. Everyone else will be able to register in November.

Goalies must contact me before registering. 

The Battle of the Breweries Tournament is open to members of the Tulsa Adult Hockey League. If you are not ranked or don’t know if you are a recent member, then please reach out to confirm your status before registering. Players will be removed if they are not members. 

Given the nature of a draft tournament, it will be difficult to guess jersey sizes. There will be a limited number of large and XXL jerseys. Most jerseys will be XL.

I can’t guarantee what team you will be drafted to. I suggest that you voice your opinion during the draft so that the players drafting can try to accommodate you. I ask those drafting to try to accommodate those who feel strongly about not playing for certain teams. That said, sign up at your own risk. There are no refunds.


The rules will be the same as they are in the Tulsa Adult Hockey League with a few exceptions.

  • Games will consist of 15-minute periods. It seems short, but 5 games in 24 hours is a lot of hockey.
  • No game will end in a tie. Except for the championship games, all ties at the end of regulation time will go to a shoot out. Teams will start with 3 shooters. If it is still a tie after 3 shooters then teams will shoot one player at a time. No player can be recycled in a shoot out until all players have shot. Players serving a penalty at the end of regulation time are not eligible to shoot. Championship games will play 5 minutes of 4 on 4 sudden death overtime then go to a shoot out if needed. 
  • Tie breakers will be by points, wins, goal differential, and goals for. 
  • Any fight will result in an ejection from the tournament. Let’s foster the camaraderie that the Tulsa hockey community offers while keeping a competitive spirit.
  • To keep teams evenly skilled as possible, special consideration may be taken during registration or while forming teams. 
  • The tournament organizers and referees will have final say on how to handle any unforeseen circumstances. This includes any incidents that may occur off ice.
  • Safety is priority. Drink and play responsibly.